• An 80m mast with wind measuring equipment was erected on the site in 2008. Over 2-3 years of on-site wind data was collected and analyzed with other regional wind data at that time to formulate a long term correlation estbalishing the site long term wind regime.
  • This has been supported by ongoing wind data collection using remote sensing devices such as Sodar to confirm the suitability of the site for hosting modern wind turbines.
  • A Planning Application was prepared and publicly advertised at the end of 2018 – beginning of 2019. A Planning Panels Victoria (PPV) hearing was undertaken between 4/02/19 and 18/02/19 in Torquay.
  • The PPV report is currently with the Minister of Planning as the Responsible Authority but is currently on hold pending the completion of a directed Cultural Heritage Management Plan which has required extensive sub surface testing and has been repeatedly delayed due to various covid restrictions.
  • See Planning for up to date details on the planning application and or process to date.
Example Sodar