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The Compliant Management System is part of the project Complaint Investigation and Response Plan (“CIRP”) required under the Planning Permit and aims to:

  • establish an open and transparent complaint handling process;
  • outline the time frames for acknowledging, investigating and resolving complaints;
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of project staff/contractors in complaint handling;
  • ensure staff/contractors handle complaints fairly and objectively;
  • outline how complaint data is recorded and analysed to improve future outcomes.

The following principles underpin the Inverleigh Wind Farm CIRP approach to complaints handling:

  1. Enabling complaints – stakeholders are able to make a complaint via multiple channels.
  2. Responding to concerns – take the action necessary to resolve the complaint where reasonable.
  3. Closure – outline circumstances that deem the complaint finalised.
  4. Learning and improving – review complaints to understand issues and improve where applicable.

It is expected that the CIRP will be reviewed;

  • prior to construction commencement,
  • at the end of construction;
  • after the first year of operations; and
  • and possibly every second year thereafter;

 to ensure it is fit for purpose and functioning as envisaged by the Planning Permit conditions. When endorsed by the Responsible Authority the CIRP will be part of the Planning Permit and can be viewed on the Planning Documents page here.